Location! Location! Location!

Movies are make-believe, celluloid, a creative process that involves at the very least hundreds and at the most thousands of creative hands and minds; but seeing an actual location where a movie or television scene was shot makes movies very real. Being able to watch a scene and then look at the location where it took place can turn make-believe into reality. It can be oddly satisfying—especially if it is a favorite movie or television show.

Studios build magnificent sets, but afterwards, these sets are usually destroyed and all that is left is on film. Some scenes take place in front of a green screen where the scenery is added in post production. Many times the actors and actresses do not even know what the scene will look like. A real location, however, lives on. Sure, over time the location may become altered, but it is where the scene for the movie or television show was shot and that never changes.

Southern Hollywood Film Tour will take you to actual locations in this area where scenes were shot. You will see the location as it is now and then photos of the location when it was used in the movie or television show.

This blog will act as a movie location travel blog! There’s a lot to see in the Atlanta area these days because movie making plays such a big part in our economy, but I will also show you other places—like LA for instance!—where locations make the movie. I will discuss movies where locations are preserved and can be visited. I also will discuss movies where the location is as important to the movie as are the plot and the characters. When pertinent, I will provide you with specifics about visiting locations on your own.

Movie making is magic. A very real magic. Come on a Southern Hollywood Film Tour and see the magic—and check this blog for more about “where the movies live.”

Here’s to movies and to more movie locations every day!  


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